Best Bootstrap Tutorials 2014

Responsive designs are the demand of the hour! Every web developer wants his/her website to responsive, beautiful and clean. Bootstrap, also popularly known as Twitter Bootstrap, is of the best front end framework to start building a responsive design with minimal CSS knowledge. We are going to list out some of the best Bootstrap tutorials in the internet that you should read if you want to design a responsive website in 2014. (more…)

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Making Twitter Bootstrap 3 Compatible with Internet Explorer 7 and below

Twitter Bootstrap, one of the most popular CSS framework on web, has dropped Internet Explorer 7 and less support in its latest version Bootstrap 3. This is no surprise that the number of users using Internet Explorer 7 or less have tremendously decreased in past few months. But for major organizations and institutions where upgrading is still a major issue, compatibility with IE7 is a must. (more…)

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